These terms have been entered into between you as a tenant (“Tenant”) and Flexistore as a landlord and service provider (“Flexistore”).

  1. Rental of storage space

Renting a space at Flexistore gives the Tenant access to a storage space in Flexistore’s or Flexistore’s subcontractor’s premises (the “Rental Unit”).

The Tenant gets access to Flexistore’s premises, including areas outside the Rental Unit (“Common Areas”) and then to the Rental Unit using the Flexistore’s app. Access to the Rental Unit is restricted by the app and to the Tenant’s own code, so that others do not gain unauthorised access to the Tenants’ Rental Unit.

The total price for the services offered by Flexistore, including fees, is described on the website or app when a Rental Unit is booked.

The tenant has the right of withdrawal for 14 days from the day the agreement was entered into, in accordance with the Act on the Duty to Provide Information and the right of withdrawal for distance selling and sale outside permanent business premises (Right of Withdrawal Act) of 20 June 2014 No. 27. 

The properties of Flexistore and of Flexistore’s website and app.

The provider of the services is Flexistore, with the following contact information:

Flexistore South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

Claremont, Cape Town

E-mail: support@flexistore.co.za

Company Reg No: 2005/019321/07

VAT Reg No: 4070223567

The standard form for using the right of withdrawal (withdrawal form), as well as the terms, deadlines and procedures for using the right of withdrawal follow from the form sent in the email provided when ordering the services.

If the Tenant uses the right of withdrawal after the services have started, the tenant must pay for services that have been incurred and other reasonable costs.

If the item has a defect and this is not due to the buyer or conditions on the buyer’s side, the buyer may, in accordance with the rules in the Consumer Purchase Act, Chapter 6, withhold the purchase price, choose between correction and delivery, demand price reduction, demand termination of the agreement and/ the seller. Complaints to the seller should be made in writing.

All communication between the Tenant and Flexistore will take place either through the Flexistore app, by email, chat or telephone.

The Tenant is responsible for ensuring that Flexistore has up-to-date contact information at all times and takes responsibility for Flexistores ability to make contact. This responsibility extends to having Flexistore’s app installed on your mobile phone, and checking if for messages received in the app. The Tenant is obliged to have the latest version of the app installed on their phone for security and availability reasons.

The Rental Unit is rented on full monthly terms with a minimum rental termination notice period of one (1) month, so that the rental period runs from the date of the month on which the contract is initiated in terms of the first rental payment, to the same date in the month the Rental Unit is vacated.

If, for example, if it is rented from 15 January, and the notice to terminate the agreement is given on 3 September, the agreement will expire on 15 October.

The agreement is automatically renewed for one new month unless the Tenant or Flexistore has terminated the Agreement within 14 days before renewal. 

Termination must be done either by using the termination function in the app, or by sending a written message by email to support@flexistore.co.za or via the chat function in the app.

Flexistore has the right to terminate the contract by giving written notice to the Tenant either through the app or by email.

If the Tenant chooses to move out before the agreement period ends, no refund or reduction of the rental amount will be given.

Refer also to Clause 8 (Rental Unit) section 12 below.

The tenant must pay the rent in advance, whether it is chosen to pay monthly or annually. Payment is made automatically by deducting the rental amount on the same day of the month (or annually if annual payment is selected) as the agreement was entered into through the payment method selected in the Flexistore app.

Payment is not considered made until the amount has been received into Flexistore’s account or deductions have been made on debit or credit card depending on which payment method is chosen when entering into the agreement.

Delivery of the Rental Unit has taken place when the tenant, or his representative, has gained access to the Rental Unit.

In the event of late payment, default interest is paid in accordance with Act no. 100 of 17 December 1976 or Act replacing it. Flexistore has the right to demand a fee for payment reminders and debt collection.

In the event of late payment, Flexistore reserves the right to suspend the Lessee’s access to the Rental Unit until the outstanding amount due has been paid in full.

Flexistore reserves the right to automatically adjust rental prices every six months . One month’s notice will be given before changes in rental prices.

Flexistore reserves the right to perform a credit check on the Lessee.

The prices are stated including VAT.

Subletting and transfer are not permitted without Flexistore’s prior written consent.

The tenant has access to the Rental Unit during opening hours (which appears on the website and / or app for the individual premises). If the Tenant’s access to the Rental Unit is restricted or prevented, for example in the event of downtime, power failure, leakage, code or door not working or otherwise, Flexistore cannot be held liable to the Tenant unless this is due to intent or gross negligence on the part of Flexistore.

Flexistore is not obliged to offer an agreement on extended opening hours, and access to the Rental Unit outside opening hours must be specifically agreed with Flexistore (for a special fee). Flexistore reserves the right to keep the Rental Unit closed if necessary.

The Tenant is not allowed to reside in the Rental Unit, Common Areas or other parts of the building or property where Flexistore has a presence.  Access to the Flexistore facilities is allowed only during the advertised opening hours specified for the Rental Unit on websites and in the app.

The Tenant must only use the Rental Unit as a storage facility, and treat this area, the Common Area and other parts of the area in general with due care. The Rental Unit and common areas must not be used in a way that impairs the property’s reputation or appearance or in a way that creates dust, noise, odor or that otherwise bothers other Tenants or neighbors.

Expenses for repairs and any compensation in connection with these matters are the Tenant’s responsibility.

Any movable property not removed from the Rental unit on the termination of the lease period will be regarded as abandoned property (i.e. that the Tenant has given this up and does not wish to keep it), and will be removed (donated / thrown away / sold) immediately at the Tenant’s expense unless the movable property is clearly marked with name and telephone number.

If the movable property is marked with name and telephone number, the Tenant will be contacted and notified that the movable will be removed at the Tenant’s expense if the movable property is not moved by the Tenant within a short time limit set by Flexistore.

In all cases, the Tenant will be charged an administration fee.

Flexistore can request access to the Rental Unit every day, for inspection, repair, maintenance, assessment, change work, etc. The tenant will then be notified with a reasonable deadline. In all cases where it is considered necessary to prevent or limit damage to the property, Flexistore has the right to gain access to the Rental Unit without such notice. Flexistore is not obligated to exercise this right. Flexistore can move customers when needed, internally in the building or to another of Flexistore’s buildings without the Tenant being able to claim compensation from Flexistore for this. Flexistore is not obligated to exercise this right.

The tenant can borrow trolleys from Flexistore. Trolleys must be put back in the demarcated trolly storage space before leaving the warehouse.

All trollies and equipment made available at Flexistore sites are fitted with tracking devices.  The removal of trolleys or other lending equipment, as well as any damage to the Flexistore facility, will be reported to the police and a fee will be charged for the repair or recovery of any Flexistore property.

The Tenant can give others access to the Rental Unit temporarily or permanently.  In the latter case access is granted until the access is withdrawn, through the Flexistore app.

If the Lessee gives others access to the Lease Area, the Lessee is responsible for what those who have been granted access may do in the Lease Area. Flexistore is not responsible for the consequences of the Tenant giving others access to the Rental Unit, and the Tenant is responsible for damages and costs that may arise as a result of access to the Rental Unit, including costs incurred to restrict access to anyone assigned access by the Tenant.

No waste may be left inside a Rental Unit, anywhere in the Flexistore facility or on the property in which the Flexistore facility is located.

The tenant is responsible for disposing of any waste and for having it removed at their own expense.

Flexistore may have any waste removed and the cost of such removal, together with an administration fee will be for the Lessee’s expense.

The tenant is obliged to keep his assets placed with Flexistore insured. Purchase of insurance is required and follows the lease agreement.

Flexistore cannot be held liable for damages to the rental object, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of Flexistore or someone Flexistore is responsible for.

  1. Personal

information is processed by (data controller):

For more information about the processing of personal data by Flexistore, see privacy statement .

  1. Tenant’s breach of contract / eviction

Flexistore may terminate the Agreement if the Lessee is guilty of a material breach of the Agreement, and the Lessee is then obliged to vacate the Lease Area immediately. Significant breach means a failure to pay one month’s rent, and / or non-compliance with these terms, or other conditions that must be considered a significant breach of the Agreement.

In the event of non-payment, Flexistore reserves the right to exercise lien against the Lessee as security to cover any claim that Flexistore may have or receives against the Lessee, including all costs Flexistore incurs as a result of the default.

The tenant’s access to the Rental Unit and the area in general is suspended until the outstanding has been settled in its entirety. In such a case, the payment obligation continues to run for the Tenant until all outstanding payments have been settled.

Movables / contents can be moved to one of Flexistor’s other premises at the Lessee’s expense. Movable property stored in the Rental Unit at the time of Flexistor’s blocking of the premises is considered to have been handed over to Flexistore as a pledge as security for the claims Flexistore may have or receive against the Lessee. 

  1. Termination of the tenancy – return of the tenancy

The agreement can be terminated by each of the parties as described in clause 4.

On the day the tenancy ends, the Tenant shall vacate the Rental Unit and make it available for Flexistore’s disposal. The Rental Unit is considered returned and made available to Flexistore when the rental premises have been vacated by the Tenant. After this time, Flexistore is free to rent out the Rental Unit to new customers.

The Tenant is obliged to empty the Rental Unit, and other things that the Tenant has in Flexistore’s area, upon termination of the tenancy. Leftover movables are considered abandoned and will accrue to Flexistore free of charge after 14 days. for recycling /donation / auction.

Flexistore will encourage the Tenant to collect the movables, but Flexistore has the right to withhold the movables until Flexistor’s claims against the Tenant are covered in full.

If the costs or inconveniences of storage become unreasonable, or if the Lessee waits unreasonably long to pay the costs of the storage or to take over the movables, the leftovers will be thrown away, given away or sold at the Lessee’s expense.

Before leftover movables are thrown away, sold or given away, Flexistore will send a written notice with a request for payment to the Tenant, which can also be done through the app.

If the Rental Unit is not made available to Flexistor on the day the tenancy is terminated, Flexistore may demand compensation corresponding to the agreed rent until the tenant’s use ceases. If the warehouse is in poorer condition than at the time of takeover, Flexistore can claim covered necessary expenses for repairs. The Lessee is liable for both direct and indirect losses that can be attributed to the Lessee himself or someone he is responsible for.

  1. Flexistore’s limited liability

Flexistor’s liability to the Lessee is limited to the consideration that the Lessee has paid to Flexistore in the last 12 months.

Flexistor’s liability is in any case limited to direct losses and costs, and the Lessee may not claim indirect losses, including loss of turnover, loss of profits of any kind, loss of data, costs and losses due to operational interruptions, loss of losses and claims. from third parties.

  1. Conflict resolution

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