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Why should you work with Flexistore?

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New earning opportunities for low yielding or difficult to rent premises.

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Our app based self-storage facilities are conveniently located with the added benefit of digital key sharing, which means a wider market for our facilities and better occupancy rates.

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Flexistore's technology provides profitability through a focus on revenue quality, the ability to manage unit churn and the conveniences of self-service App-based technology.

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You'll be partnering with South Africa's smartest and greenest self-storage solution.

How it works

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Convert to storage

Do you have a basement, deep dark space or other premises that is not generating the returns you need? We design and convert these spaces into a modern self-storage facility within three months, fitted with our panel and lock technology.

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We fill your storage

We handle everything from marketing to sales, including a substantial investment in search engine optimisation, making sure we fill the facility fast. The Flexistore brand is a growing global brand - with all the benefit in returns that come with that.

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You increase profit

You get a monthly overview of sales and operations, as well as a significant increase in profit for premises that are otherwise difficult to rent out. Sit back and look forward to your revenue share payment every month.

Being a Flexistore partner

Flexistore was established in Norway and is the Nordic region’s most technologically advanced and sustainable self-storage company. Our app-controlled storage solution sets us apart from the rest of the industry. Customers can reserve their storage unit, order moving assistance to the storage facility and get immediate access to their storage unit in just a few minutes – all in the App.

The App-controlled self-storage concept has been well received in the Norwegian and South African market, and we are now expanding internationally. This expansion means a growing network of property partners who see the revenue generating benefits our self-storage solution provides.

With Flexistore, property owners can easily increase income in premises that may otherwise be difficult to rent out.

What we are looking for:

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Convert your property to self storage today

Revenue management is state of the art. Our digital systems mean we are able to make units available for re-letting very efficiently, reducing churn time. We also have automated credit vetting, payment reconciliation and payment follow-up processes. These are all aimed at enhancing revenue management. Real-time revenue reports are available to property partners so that you’re able to track the performance of your Flexistore facility.

Our steel panel storage units, designed by Flexistore for efficient installation and the security of our customers goods, provide a clean, bright and safe storage solution in your building. All our storage facilities are video-monitored and installed with smart LED lighting. In addition, every unit has a sensor which records locking and unit opening activity. This, and the ability for customers to order moving assistance or share their digital keys, is all reported and controlled in the App.

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Case study: Rosebank Mall, Johannesburg

Took over an existing self-storage facility.

  • Revenue: Increased by 124.25% (Jan-May 2024).
  • Efficiency:
    • Remote Management: Operated from Cape Town, no on-site staff.
    • Cost Savings: Reduced operational expenses through advanced technology.

Key Takeaway: Effective use of technology and remote management can significantly boost revenue and cut costs.

Some examples of our partner agreements

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Cape Town, South Africa

Tijger Park 3, Bellville, Cape Town, 7530
Opened September 2023.
120 storage units, sizes from 1m3 to 16m2.

Converted parking lot.
Created new lettable area and a market beating return for the property owner.
60% occupancy after 6 months.
4.9 stars on Google.

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Paarl, South Africa

Cnr Berg River Blvd &, Dorp St, Lemoenkloof, Paarl
Opened September 2022.
142 units, sizes from 1m3 to 19m2.

Converted retail space.
Revenue share for property owner exceeds market rental.
70% occupancy after 20 months (100 units/142).
5.0 stars on Google

Frequently asked questions

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Our storage units are normally not very big. It is therefore common to store things such as boxes, clothes, seasonal equipment such as camping gear and bicycles, documents and furniture.
The customer is not allowed to store flammable items such as fuel, tires, etc. Also off limits are food or other products that can attract pests or emit odours.

In the beginning, when the storage facility is newly opened and being filled, it can be busy at times. Then we have between 5 and 15 visits per week at each location.

Flexistore’s concept is 24/7, and focused on self-service and accessibility. With it you can get good prices, and give a good product to loyal customers. If 24/7 access is impossible this can be discussed.

Flexistore’s concept is unmanned self-storage. We have employees who check the facilities regularly and as needed. We also have very good surveillance that is checked regularly to confirm that everything is as it should be in all facilities.

Some of our partners

Download the app

To complete your order, download our app and log in. The app is also your digital key to access the self storage unit.