Self-Storage Size Guide

Why Choose a Flexistore Self-Storage Solution?

The Advantages of Flexistore Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units offer several benefits for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re in the process of moving, struggling with limited space in your home, or need additional storage for your business, self-storage provides a convenient and cost-effective solution.

One of the key advantages of Flexistore self-storage is its flexibility. With units available in various sizes, you can choose the space that best suits your needs, ensuring that you only pay for the amount of storage you require.

Flexistore’s App based technology means that you can change units or add additional units while you are in the facility if you realise that more space or a smaller unit will suit you better.

This flexibility makes self-storage ideal for a wide range of purposes, from storing seasonal items to housing business inventory.

In addition to flexibility, our self-storage units offer unparalleled convenience. With 24/7 access to your belongings, you can retrieve or store items whenever it’s most convenient for you, without having to adhere to restrictive operating hours. This convenience ensures that your storage needs are met on your terms, allowing for greater flexibility in your schedule.

Moreover, Flexistore ensures a secure environment for your belongings with our state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with surveillance cameras, gated access, and entirely digital keys, we protect your items round the clock. This advanced security system offers you peace of mind, whether you’re storing personal items or valuable business assets. With Flexistore, your belongings are always safeguarded, even without an on-site staff presence.

In summary, Flexistore self-storage units offer a practical and efficient solution for managing your storage needs. With our flexibility, convenience, and security features, Flexistore provides a reliable option for individuals and businesses seeking to declutter their space and streamline their storage processes.

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How to Find the Right Size of Self-Storage Unit

Selecting the appropriate size self-storage unit can be a time and cost-saving decision.

By opting for the right size, you only pay for the space essential to accommodate your belongings. The right unit size avoids time wasting rummaging through a cluttered or a disorganised storage unit, resulting in a more efficient and economical storage solution.

Assessing your storage needs is the crucial first step in determining the right size storage unit for your requirements. It’s essential to evaluate the specific items you plan to store and measure how much space each of your belongings will occupy.

When considering furniture and household items, it’s necessary to factor in the dimensions of larger pieces such as sofas and beds. Remember that disassembling these items can significantly save space and optimise storage efficiency.  Consideration also needs to be given the the possibility of stacking items in your storage unit so that the full volume of the storage units rented is used optimally.

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For sports equipment and hobby items, it’s important to assess the volume of gear you possess. Items like bicycles and camping gear may demand more space compared to other hobbies. Allocate sufficient room to ensure that all your equipment can be stored in an organised manner, facilitating easy access whenever needed.

If you intend to store business equipment and archives, take into account the quantity and dimensions of documents and machinery. Ensure that the storage space allows for convenient access to documents and orderly arrangement of equipment to streamline your business operations effectively. By thoroughly assessing your storage needs across different categories, you can make informed decisions about the size of the self-storage unit that best fits your requirements.

Self-Storage Sizes Guide

To help you find the right size of storage unit, you can use this size guide as a reference:

Small Storage Units (1-5 m²):

Small storage units are ideal for storing a few pieces of furniture, boxes of clothes, sports equipment, and similar items. They are also suitable for students who need to store their belongings during the summer break.

Medium Storage Units (6-10 m²):

Medium storage units are well-suited for storing the contents of a small apartment or a small office. They can accommodate multiple pieces of furniture, household appliances, and a moderate number of boxes.

Large Storage Units (11-20 m²):

Large storage units can accommodate the contents of an entire house or a larger apartment of around 180 m2. They are ideal for families who need to store their belongings during a renovation or moving process or for businesses that need extra storage space for equipment and archives.

Extra Large Storage Units (20+ m²):

Extra large storage units are best suited for larger moving loads (over 180 m2 of housing), businesses, or for storing particularly large items.

For detailed guidance on selecting the unit size that best fits your needs, we recommend using our size calculator, conveniently located on the pricing pages of each facility. Check it out HERE.

Maximising Storage Space: Effective Tips

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Proper Organisation and Placement

To optimise the use of your storage unit, strategic organisation is key. Begin by placing the heaviest items at the bottom and stacking lighter boxes and belongings on top. Utilise the vertical space by stacking items as high as possible while ensuring stability and safety.

Use Shelves and Storage Boxes

Integrating shelves and storage boxes can significantly enhance organisation and maximise available space in your storage unit. Choose transparent boxes to easily identify contents and label each box for quick reference. The Flexistore App has an inventory feature to keep a photographic inventory of the items stored with the ability to add notes about what the contents of boxes in your unit contain. 

In Conclusion

Selecting the right size storage unit is fundamental for a seamless storage experience. By assessing your unique storage needs and referring to a size guide, you can identify a solution that aligns with your requirements and budget. Remember, effective organisation and placement techniques are vital for maximising space and ensuring easy access to your belongings whenever needed.

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